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Castle Acre Primary School

Snow has arrived!

Excited children woke up this morning to a winter wonderland, with a promise of fun to be had.

Today is Tuesday 27th February, it has snowed overnight and everyone arrived at school this morning sensibly dressed and without mishap (at least, not that I have heard). The fun started early with the Before School Club children persuading Mrs Bridgeman that this was an opportunity not to be missed, so it was boots, gloves and hats on again to venture out. After an initial "Whoa, it's cold!" we soon warmed up with lots of running around.

While it lasts, please can you all make sure you come with adequate clothing - warm coat and hat, gloves (maybe two pairs as they do get wet), change of socks (snow down the boots tends to melt), waterproof boots (wellies or others), waterproof over-trousers are also a brilliant idea. Please make sure they are all named!!

Have fun and make lots of snowmen (or women)!