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Castle Acre Primary School

The Green Britain Centre

On Monday 19th March 2018, classes from all three Federation schools joined forces to brave the weather (and the stairs!) to learn about the future of energy as part of our topic on Modern Britain. Most of  Whitebeam Class managed it to the top of the turbine and more would have done if age and a broken arm hadn't counted against them.

We covered a lot during the day as well as the long climb, learning about how eco-friendly you can make your own gardens, seeing the amazing, record-breaking eco cars and making our own mini wind turbines to see how much energy we could produce.

It was such an informative day and I hope the children came home very 'green-minded'!

See the Whitebeam Class folder (buried in the Our Learning tab) for more pictures and reporting. There is also more reporting in the Latest News  of the Nar Valley Federation of Church Academies section.