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Castle Acre Primary School

British Science Week!

This week (9th March 2020) is British Science Week where we celebrate all of the fantastic things this world has to offer! This week the theme is Our Diverse Planet. 

We spoke about all of the different things we have in our planet (countries, people, foods, languages and a whole host of other things too!). 

We started our Science Day with looking at different countries, we looked at Antarctica and Australia. We watched some videos which showed us what each of the countries looked like. We spotted that Antartica was covered in snow and ice but Australia looked really warm. 






We had to pack a suitcase for our trips thinking about what clothes we might need for our adventures!

Afterwards we found out that there weren't any spaces on the aeroplane for us to travel to Australia or Antarctica so we had to travel on a cargo ship instead. We spoke about different types of transport too!

Image result for cargo shipsImage result for cargo ships

We created our own cargo ships and tested them out on the water to see if they floated. They did!

After we saw that they floated, we started adding weights into the cargo ships to see how strong they were, because real cargo ships have to be really really strong!

Finally, we thought about the different people and animals in our world. We spoke about what makes people different (hair colour, eye colour, size, colour of skin). We thought about people and animals who are unable to see and had a go at an activity where we had to feel items inside cups to find out what they were (we were wearing blindfolds!). We used our other senses to find out what was inside the cups. 


Then in the afternoon, we learnt about birds that migrate to different countries.


We had a fantastic day learning about Our Diverse Planet!