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Sporle Church of England Primary Academy

Better Together


Good Morning, 

Hope we are all well. Don't forget it's what would have been half term next week so no work will be uploaded so take time to relax and refresh.

Maths : first spend 10 to 15 minutes on practising your x tables you have learnt so far. 

Then spend 10 minutes practising counting in 10s. year 2: start at 60 and count on and back in 10s, making sure you go over 100.  year 3 : start at 63 and count on and back in 10s making sure you go over 103 . 

Then year 2: try these daily maths challenges from the BBC 

year 3: try these daily maths challenges from the BBC 

READING: spend 10 minutes reading to an adult. Then complete a daily reading comprehension task either from your first pack or the new home pack if you have collected that .

Writing : 

Today's challenge is to write a detailed review of your favourite FILM.

You will need to check online to look up the DIRECTOR.

There are several templates below that you can either print/complete - or use as a guide to write your own review into your work books.


These are BBC bitesize video and activity links - go as far as you are able/willing.

The focus is PULSE AND RHYTHM.

Videos on both links are the same.

Year 2, if your task at the end is too easy - click upon the year 3 link and try their task.

Year 3 - try the EXTENSION link looking at DURATION AND TEMPO if you have time.


You could video yourself doing the pulse/rhythm task and upload it to dojo!