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Castle Acre Primary School


Dear Oak class parents and carers,

Please find the home learning for year 4 and 5 by clicking on the relevant day. Should you have any queries, please message me using dojo. If there are any additional resources needed, for example recorded lessons, this will be indicated and guidance on where to find these included.

Kind regards,

Mrs Simons

Spellings Rule 17 : Words ending with the /g/ sound spelt – gue and the /k/ sound spelt –que (French in origin) (e.g. rogue, unique.

Spelling test day today. Watch the video on class story and complete the test. Please upload your score on dojo.

 Practice spelling words at


Listen to Cressida Cowell read chapter 3 of 'How to Train your Dragon' at:


Cambridge Science Centre are celebrating British Science Week this year with a competition for youngsters, with the chance to win prizes for themselves and their school.

Our communities are changing fast! Technology is moving at an ever-increasing pace. Interest in climate change, pollution, our local environment and beyond is increasing rapidly. School and home life is also changing as new technologies advance, and particularly so, as we navigate our way through the pandemic. But what will our future communities really look like? What do young people feel will make a huge difference to their lives, the way they learn, the way they work and how they will look after their families.

Cambridge Science Centre invites youngsters between 6-11 to think about how they would make a difference to their future community. They can choose any area of their community they wish to change. It could be the way they travel, how they recycle waste, how they attend school, the changes they would make to buildings they live or work in, places they visit, or even suggest changes to parks and playgrounds.

Both first prize winners will receive £50 in Amazon vouchers, plus a bundle of great books and a gift bag of Cambridge Science Centre goodies.

Submit either a single drawing, film, or model of your design with a short description of how and why you feel it will change your community. Only one entry can be submitted per child.

Runners up will receive £25 of Amazon vouchers, plus several great books and a gift bag of Cambridge Science Centre goodies.

Remember to write your name, age, the school you attend and a contact telephone number for a parent or carer on your entry form.

Please watch the following video for further details of the competition:

There is also a design template in the resources at the bottom for you to use.

Send your entries to by 15th March 2021. If you make a model, then please send it to Cambridge Science Centre, 44 Clifton Road, Cambridge, CB1 7ED.

The winner will be announced on 26th March 2021.

I f you would like to take a photograph of your work to share on class story please send these through to me on dojo messages.

Last day of home schooling celebrations!

Usually, at end of a term you say thank you to your teacher in school. As this is the last day of home schooling, you are going to do that for your parents who have had to learn very quickly how to teach you, whilst also looking after and teaching any siblings you may have, maybe also working as well…It’s been really tough. SO, your mission today is to pamper them and make them feel special.

Challenge 1: Pamper

  • Prepare a meal or a snack for them/ make them a cup of tea
  • Do some jobs around the house so they can relax (e.g. washing up, hovering, dusting, tidying up the hovel that you call a bedroom….
  • Tell them how grateful you are for all their hard work
  • Give them a massive hug
  • Do what you are told!
  • Be kind 😊


Challenge 2: Test your home teachers.

Your parents have sat beside you, helping you with your home learning for just over 2 months…Think back over some of the work you have done. Can you devise a test (not too many questions….10 will be fine) based on your home learning to see how much they can remember. Try not to be too mean! (You will need to know the answers yourselves!) Then, be teacher and mark their tests…how did they do?

Challenge 3: Thanks

Make a card or certificate for your parents to say thank you and well done for all their hard work.

Challenge 4: Have some fun!

Enjoy spending some time together without having to worry about doing work! Watch a film, play a game together…or allow your parents to have some quiet time!

I would also like to say a massive thank you from me to all parents. You have worked incredibly hard in order to ensure your children have been learning whilst also contending with another very challenging lockdown. You are amazing! Have a well-deserved rest this weekend. I can’t wait to greet all the pupils on Monday!