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Sporle Primary Academy


Morning Woodpeckers

Hope you had a good weekend.  

Reading: Can you read for 10 minutes? Then can you either write a book review or a summary of what you read today?  

Download the reading comprehension below for your year group and answer the questions about the text. Pick the challenge suitable for your child or complete one from your pack


Year 2: We are going to practise wr at the beginning of a word. Please play segment cards and then practise 

Year 3: we are practising the sion ending at the end of words . Please play segment cards and then practise 


Watch the girl and robot film here

Starter: write 4 questions you’d like to ask about the film? Eg what is the girl’s name? why is she…  what does she…  etc

We are going to be working this week towards writing a diary entry. Diary entries are where we tell how we felt and what happened in a particular day. We use ‘I’ because we are describing something personal that happened to us. This week we are going to imagine we the girl in the film.

Challenge : write how the girl felt at  4 different points of the story. Download the sheet  below as prompt


I would like you to complete an arithmetic test for your year group. When you've done it, mark it using a calculator or an adult and send me your total score along with which questions you got wrong or found tricky . This score and your tricky questions, will help me know what we need to do more work on and what learning you have remembered or forgotten. 


We are going to be thinking more about our 'faith family' and in particular Holy Communion 

watch this video


then watch

Then make a fact page explaining to someone else who doesn't know what happens in Holy Communion. You could draw pictures of the bread and wine. Write why they have each. 

Finally answer this question in your books 'why do you think people enjoy celebrating communion together?'