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Castle Acre Primary School

Parent Cafe - September 2018

It was lovely to see so many parents, grandparents and family members come along to our Parent Cafe. This half term the cafe had an English focus and the task was to create a storyboard as planning for a short story. Four objects could be used as inspiration for ideas, a rusty key, a black and white photo of a dog, an old tin of coins and a glass bottle.

"Really enjoyed witnessing my son's imagination at work - it was quite revealing. What a lovely idea to have real 'items' to stimulate the children's thoughts and stories..." - Miss Williams

"Great to combine our ideas and imaginations with the use of pictures. Looking forward to a cliffhanger...maybe..." - Mrs Holt

"Excellent afternoon. I wish my school days were just as enjoyable and imaginative as today. Thank you for having us." - Mr Wareham, Elisha's Grandad

"Loved the English Cafe. It was good fun being able to work together to create a storyboard. Can't wait to read the finished story." - Miss Ellis