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Narborough Primary Academy

Week 2 Monday 22nd June

Phonics / SPAG / Spelling

Y1 - Watch a phonics lesson that reviews all the phonemes we have learned. Here is the link - Daily Phonics Lesson

Y2 - Learn about the suffix ending 'er' for comparing adjectives. Watch the powerpoint in the attachments and join in the with activities. 


Year 1- Click on to this link Whiterose Maths

Watch the video for Lesson 1 Counting to 100 and complete the worksheet in the attachments.

Year 2 - Click on this link Y2 Maths Describing Movement

Watch the video Describing Movement and complete the worksheet in the attachments. 


Start by listening to the beginning of the story, ‘A Bear Called Paddington’. 

Chapter 1-

Paddington Bear is a friendly bear from deepest darkest Peru. Think about Paddington and how he was described. What do we know about him? What does he look like?

Download the attachment named 'Task 1' to see what today's English activity is for Year 1 and 2.

Topic (This can be continued over the week)

Use books and the internet to research the Spectacled Bear (Andean Bear). You could use the headings below as a guide to create a fact file about the bear.

Habitat- A description or a picture to show where Spectacled Bears live. Try and find Peru and Lima where Aunt Lucy in Paddington Bear lives.

Picture/ photo- What does the bear look like?

Interesting fact- Draw or write something interesting about this animal.

Eats- What do Spectacled Bears eat? Are they carnivores, herbivores or omnivores?

Animal: Are they a bird, mammal, fish, reptile or amphibian?

Resources and links you could use-

Here is a video you might like to look at: Andean Bears