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Narborough Primary Academy

Week 4 Monday 6th July

Phonics / SPAG / Spelling

Today we are going to remind ourselves about word classes.

Y1 will focus on nouns and verbs. Y2 will focus on adverbs.

In the attachments you will find a sheet which has definitions for nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs. This will be useful to read to the children in case they have forgotten the meanings.

Y1 - Complete the worksheet attached. There are three different levels, you only need to choose one of them. If your child is feeling unsure choose the first sheet as this is easier. 

Y2 - Watch the Powerpoint on adverbs then complete the worksheet attached. There are three different levels, you only need to choose one of them. If your child is feeling unsure choose the first sheet as this is easier. 


Watch or read ‘The Ugly Five’ by Julia Donaldson. Here is the link to a video if you do not have the story at home-

Research what the collective nouns are to describe the different groups of animals. E.g. a group of warthogs live in a group called sounders! 

You could use the internet and the search engine ‘Kiddle’ to find out.

You could also research the BIG five! What is a group of lions, leopards, buffalo, rhino’s and elephants called? Write down your findings in your book.


Spend 5 minutes playing Hit the Button. Select Number Bonds Y1 Choose Subtraction to 20; Y2 Choose Subtraction to 100. Here is the link Hit the Button

Y1 This week we will be revisiting fractions - halves and quarters.

Watch the video and join in with the activities for Lesson 1 Finding half. Here is the link - Whiterose maths Y1 Lesson 1 Complete the worksheet attached.

Y2 This week we will be completing our learning on measure and we will begin to learn about time.

Watch the video and join in with the activities for Lesson 2 Litres. Here is the link - Whiterose maths Y2 Lesson 1Complete the worksheet attached.


Here are this week's topic activities for African animals. Please choose the activities you would like to try and do them at a time in the week that suits you. You might like to spend a short time on each activity or you might prefer to choose just one activity and make this your project for the week. Whatever works best for you! Although we have covered some work on African animals in the Spring term, all the activities below have new / different learning objectives. We did do some work on habitats but the first activity allows the children to expand their knowledge on this. 

1) Find out about the habitats of the Ugly Five, where do they live and what they need to survive. Think about other habitats around the world-

*Polar regions

* The desert

* The rainforest

Think about why the Ugly Five wouldn’t be suited to living in other habitats around the world. E.g. where the vulture gets food that has been dead a while, why wildebeest aren’t suited to living in the desert and why the warthog would not like to live at the North Pole.

You could write the reasons why on a post it and put it on a map or you could just write your reasons in your book.

2) Shadows

The five ugly animals cast a long shadow in the sunshine. What are shadows? How are they formed? Research this and share your findings. This Bitesize clip might help-

3) Create an African landscape- you could make a model, draw, paint, use pastels- be as adventurous as you like!


4) Make a food chain. You might want to discuss some ideas first or conduct some research using books and the internet.

Some facts to get you started! -

• Lappet-face vultures scavenge on carcasses of mammals such as gazelles and hares, but they also eat eggs, insects (such as locusts), and hunt live prey such as small birds (e.g. flamingoes).  

• Spotted hyenas scavenge the leftovers of bigger predators, but will also hunt mammals such as wildebeest or antelope. They also kill and eat birds, lizards, snakes, and insects. 

5) Feelings and friendship

Look through the story 'The Ugly Five' and sort some of the words that the author uses to describe the animals (e.g. ugly, spindly, graceful, divine). Which ones are positive and which are negative?

How would you feel if somebody called you ugly?

The Ugly Five become a group of friends at the end of the story. What are the qualities of a good friend? 

Think about 1 of your friends, what makes them a good friend?