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Narborough Primary Academy

Week 4 Thursday 9th July

Phonics / SPAG / Spelling

Year 1 - In today’s Phonics, you are learning the ‘are’ spelling like in “square”. Please find the link below.

Year 2 - Today we are going to check how well we have remembered some of our spelling rules for adding the suffix 'ed'. We are also going to see if we can have a go at spelling some irregular verbs in the past tense. For this activity could you please ensure your child has a try at this activity without any help so we can see the areas we need to be working on. I would appreciate you uploading a photo to Class Dojo so I can see what spelling rules your child needs to work on. Please see the attachment for the words you need to spell. 


This will be a continuation of your story map for 'The Ugly Five'. Remember you can include pictures, key words, phrases and repeated phrases from the story. I am really excited to see and hear you retelling the story tomorrow if you are able to take a video! 

Reading comprehension activity

Y1 - Please choose the elephant comprehension to read and answer the questions. (choose 1 or 2 stars)

Y2 - You may choose the elephant comprehension or challenge yourselves with the Kenyan animals. Read and answer the questions.

If you do not have time to do this today, please feel free to do on another day. 


Y1 Click on the link - Lesson 4 Finding a quarter (2)

Y2 Click on the link - Lesson 4 Quarter to and quarter past

Watch the video and join in with activities. Download and complete the worksheet in the attachments.


Please see Monday 6th July for this weeks activities.