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The Nar Valley Federation Of Church Academies

Better Together

Boreatton Park

21 Children, 3 staff, 5 days... Read on to find out about our great adventure!

We do apologise for the lack of photos being uploaded. We try each evening to load some on, but the wifi in the mansion isn't particularly fast! We will persist anyway!


Day Four...9:14pm

The final day of full activities!

Another sleep, another breakfast. Lots of toast, sausages and beans gave us the energy to get us through the morning.

The first activity was rifle shooting. We listened to all the safety instructions before kitting up to fire our test shot. We began by shooting at a blank target to show the instructor that we could aim straight. Once we passed the first test, we were able to start shooting at targets. The only person to shoot directly into the centre bull was Jack. The children have their paper targets, so you will see them tomorrow!

The next activity was the giant swing. The children loved this one - so did Mrs Scott!! After being strapped up to an uncomfortable metal bar, we were hoisted up to a height we were comfortable with. The people on the ground didn't have it easy though! Their job was to pull the rope, pulling the people on the swing into the air. This was relatively easy until the swing was high in the air. Even more difficult for the poor people lifting up Mr Jones. Once the swing was in the air, the person suspended in mid-air had to turn round and pull a chord to begin the thrill ride! Lots of shrieks, squeals and laughter insued as the swing plummeted forwards, especially from Emily; we have never heard such loud and sustained laughing before!

It was pasta day for lunch and whilst waiting patiently, Luke's tooth fell out. Hopefully the Tooth Fairy visits Boreatton Park!

After lunch, we got into our wet clothes, ready to put on our buoyency aids for canoeing. We walked all the way down to the river and carried the canoes to the bank. It was 4 to a canoe, so we picked our teams and off we went! We all had different jobs in the canoes. The person at the front had to paddle, but bounce the boat off the bank if the stinging nettles got too close! The two people in the middle were the engine of the canoe and had the most tiring job. The person at the back (the tallest person) had the job of steering the canoe. This was the most important job, with a majority of canoes zig-zagging across the river. Mr Jones' canoe travelled as straight as an arrow and was by far the best vessel to be navigated. Once we'd reached a point in the river, we all joined 'Raft Club'. We all had to hold each others canoes to create a large raft. We then played fruit salad. When a fruit was called out, we had to switch canoes, which was very difficult! No one fell in and we were all successful at the game! After that, we had a leisurely float back downstream to the bank, where we carried the canoes back to the rack.

The post dinner activity was 'Ambush'. This was like a big game of hide and seek, but in the dark. We got into two teams, one of which had to hide. However, they had to leave arrows to lead the other team to their location. They were allowed two dummy arrows to throw the opposing team off the scent. If the team found the hiding team, they shouted 'ambush!' However, if the team walked pass the hiding team the hiding team could shout 'ambush' to win the round. This got increasingly difficult as the light dimmed.

Another action packed day with the children excited to return home. We will be leaving at around 10am tomorrow, hoping that the traffic allows for a good journey home.

Day Three...9:26pm

Another fun filled day with high altitude thrills! 

A hearty breakfast followed a well earned sleep. Although Cody was the first to sleep last night he was also the last to wake up this morning!

The first activity was rock climbing. After squeezing ourselves into the harnesses, we listened attentively to the safety talk before being strapped up and testing our skills on the wall. We first had to climb to a 1/4 point on the wall before carrying on if we could. Our aim was to tap a face at the top of the wall. Some achieved this and others set themselves their own goals. Eleanor was unsure as to how far she could go, but pushed herself to go that little bit further!

Next was the challenge course. Lots of team work was needed to get everyone over the wall. We had to work together to spot each other over the wall, whilst another was helping at the top! Another challenge was the ninja wall. This was similar to what you see on Ninja Warrior, without the pool underneath! Different stances were adopted to make their way across. A popular part of the course was the tunnel, where cobwebs and mud were common place. Jack claimed this was his favourite part so far!

After a jacket potato for lunch, it was time for more fun high in the air! The high ropes surrounded the climbing wall we defeated earlier in the morning. It contained several different elements, including the zombie, xfactor, balance beam and jelly legs. Noah was so confident that he was able to do 'heads, shoulders, knees and jump' whilst half way across the balance beam. Ebony loved the high ropes so much, she went round 3 times!

We then had to tackle the problem solving. This too involved lots of team work. This included having to try to balance everyone on a giant see-saw. We also had to swing to different coloured blocks, depending on a certain code.

Next was dinner, most of the childrens' favourite time, including chicken tikka and pork loin (not on the same plate). 

Lastly was 'Splash!' We had to compete in different challenges to earn points. Lots of these involved taking our shoes off, which produced a plethora of smells. Once our challenges were complete, we had to spend our points in an auction to buy items to protect a water balloon. These protective contraptions were then kicked, thrown and punched to test their mettle. Only one survived! This surviving balloon was thrown by Gracie at our leader...but she missed.

Another day done and the children have settled down for the night. We're all very excited for tomorrow!



Day Two... 9.26pm 

Wow - what a busy day! The children have all been amazing and every single child completed all of the activities today. 

Breakfast was well recieved after a good nights sleep. A great selection of cooked breakfast, cereals and toasts went down a treat!

Our first activity of the day was archery. The children learned how to handle a bow safely, and competed to earn their cutlery for dinner. White earned you a coffee stirer to eat with, black earned you a spoon, blue earned you a knife, red a fork and yellow earned you everything they needed! The weather just about stayed dry and the children tried not to quiver in the wind!

The second activity was quad biking. The children had to get in the full kit and ride around with an instructor guiding them. Once they could prove they could control the vehicle, they were able to put the pedal to the metal! Freddie and Cody said it was the best activity yet!

After a great lunch, we got kitted up for kayaking. The weather was warm, as was the water (we're not sure Mr Jones was in the same water as us!) We learned a few skills, then got on with some games and races. The intructors didn't take long to notice that Noah had been in a kayak more than once and began to try to flood his boat. Mr Jones fell in a few too many times, but everyone got wet eventually, before heading to the showers.

After dinner, the children took part in a quiz. The team names were: Banana unicorns, Moo-dab, Sporle team and Zera. There were several rounds, including a hula-hoop round, where Isabelle took everyone to school, hula-ing for 45 seconds before Mrs Scott kicked the hoop!

A well earned rest ready for an eventful day tomorrow, including rock climbing and an assault course.

Day One... 9.20pm

We had a great journey here with the children enjoying each others company and arrived to wet conditions and a few grumbles from those with very heavy bags when they realised we were on the top floor!! 

Dinner was enjoyed by all and the evening was packed full of games and races, with the children having to dress in something 'wacky'. Outfits ranged from odd shoes and clothes inside out to swimsuits over clothes and even some additional padding - almost a couple of  births! Freddie certainly had the most unique outfit. Samantha was the first winner of the 'fishy fishy fishy' game and Auguste and Noah certainly had the most energy! Mum, Ebony said goodnight at 9pm :) 

Quotes from today when asked what the best bit was so far:

"The journey was the best bit so far because I had fun!" Luke

"Dinner!" Freddie, Dylan and Ben

More details to follow tomorrow!